I was born and raised in Ireland until I was 6'3" tall. At school I developed a love of literature, writing, the creative arts and an inquisitive nature that nurtures me to this day.


After studying and working in England for a number of years I bit the bullet, quit my job and moved to central Italy which began an everlasting love affair with its people, places and vibrant way of life. I worked as an Advertising Voice Over Artist and English Teacher. It wasn't until I left Italy for a career in Dublin did I realise that I had precious few quality photographs that conveyed the sheer beauty of its countryside, architecture and people.

 It was in Dublin that I met and was inspired by the friendship of the late Ricky Stevens, Ireland's first modern fashion photographer, who gave me the confidence and inspiration to swap my 'snap and shoot' for a proper DLSR camera. Thus began a journey where I've never looked back.

I rarely put my camera down. I love photography, I respect it, I worship it. It has now become an extension of me. It is this medium that drives my creative passion, feeds my inquisitiveness and expands the possibilities of my art.


The photograph is my autograph